Rose candy

Sweets that can make you smell like roses

Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics (PLA) continually conducts a global search to find the most inventive food products. This week it highlighted Alpi Deo Perfume Candy, a new fragrance confectionery that claims to leave the consumer smelling like roses.

The hard candies contain rose oil components in the form of an ingredient called geranoil which are emitted when the sweets are consumed, putting a new spin on the phrase “smelling like a rose.”

Tom Vierhile, director of PLA, said: “Perfumed candy is a first for the consumer packaged goods marketplace, and consumers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary will be able to try them first. Only time will tell if a functional product like this can create a new market niche for candy that can make you ‘sweet smelling,’ but it is certainly an intriguing idea. Similar products could start emerging around the globe, and fragrance marketers will have to take note of this new competition.”

Source: Datamonitor