Gluten free pasta

Surprise! Gluten intolerance not key driver of gluten-free purchases

A healthier lifestyle is by far the main driver for the purchase of gluten-free goods, according to a new UK survey of shoppers, and not many buyers are impressed by their taste.

Findings by research company BuzzBack, showed that health topped the list before an actual gluten intolerance, while being easier on the stomach was also a reason for purchase.

The survey found that while 10% buy into this sector because of an intolerance or allergy, 28% of those surveyed said they purchased gluten-free to improve their energy levels and 24% said they did so to lost weight.

The survey highlighted the key reasons that shoppers bought gluten-free foods, which ranged from ‘healthier lifestyle’, ‘easier on the stomach’, and ‘no harm, beneficial’.

The most popular gluten-free items that those surveyed said they purchased in the last month were bread (60%), cereal (42%), pasta (41%), cakes and pies (43%) and biscuits and crackers (32%).

Most of those surveyed said eating gluten-free was harder when eating out and only one in four of those surveyed said that gluten-free products are delicious. In addition, six out of ten said gluten-free products are expensive.

Last month the charity, Coeliac UK, launched a campaign urging supermarkets in the UK to improve the availability of gluten-free foods in their smaller stores. Its Gluten-free Awareness Week takes place this week in stores.

According to the charity, one in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten. See more here