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Superfoods science

Superfoods science and reporting slammed in NHS report

Much of what is written about superfoods is “inaccurate or unhelpful,” according to a new damning report from the UK National Health Service (NHS) website NHS Choices.

The report, Miracle foods, myths and the media, criticises the plethora of articles published in newspapers, magazines and the internet about “miracle superfoods and killer snacks.”

It also criticises scientists’ conclusions about such foods. Since testing accurately how one element of diet may affect health, it argues that: “….scientists’ conclusions and media reports of them, should routinely be taken with a pinch of salt.”

Over-simplified headlines about the latest dietary discoveries were singled out for particular criticism. Many of the studies behind the superfood claims have their limitations, claims the report. “These limitations are rarely reported in the media and even more rarely given their true significance.”

Contradictory conclusions were also highlighted by the report. “The news is full of contradictory reports and often the same food is declared healthy one day and harmful the next,” wrote the reports’ authors.

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You can download the full report here