Summerpride’s Fibiz, a new fibre source from pineapple waste

The home-based value-adding and beneficiating of SA’s natural resources is still all too rare – but it’s happening in the Eastern Cape with the country’s pineapple crop where, in a joint venture, Summerpride Foods and Ndlambe Natural Industrial Products (NNIP) have moved from pilot to the commercial production of dietary fibre from pineapple waste.

The fibre product, called Fibiz, is already finding application in South Africa, and Summerpride used the recent Anuga expo in Cologne to introduce it to the global market.

Fibiz caught the attention of a journalist from Holland’s Food Ingredients First website, part of the CNS Media Group, which also owns Innova, the new product database… and it now features on the website in the form of this video interview with Summerpride’s Grant Brazer.

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