Strategic partnership between Vitiva and Savannah in South Africa

Vitiva, Slovenia, has announced strategic partnership with South African ingredient supplier Savannah Fine Chemicals, to promote its rosemary-based Oxidation Management System portfolio in the local market.

“Our alliance strategy is to assist South African manufactures with effective, tailor-made solutions for oxidation management and shelf-life extension that are cost-effective and affordable,” explains Ohad Cohen, CEO of Vitiva. “This is our first foray into bringing Vitiva’s innovative line to the South African market. Savannah is highly respected in the industry, with strong technical and marketing components. This agreement is an important part of our intensive effort to market our product line globally.”

Currently, he asserts, many South African products contain traditional synthetic and/ or chemically-derived antioxidants such as BHA, BHT, TBHQ,  ascorbate etc. “The limited variety of natural antioxidants available in the South African market  do not provide satisfactory solutions and are often characterised by strong coloor, odour and bitterness, and support few food applications.”

“We are happy to team with Vitiva, a company with  plenty of know-how that makes a significant investment in technical advancement and product innovation,” says Steve Mitchell, CEO of Savannah. “Our main focus will be to assist processed meat, oil, bakery and beverage manufacturers with unique and cost-effective oxidation management solutions, unveiling the full potential of rosemary extract formulations and their versatility. Our alliance with Vitiva fits perfectly in our portfolio of custom-made products and services.”

Vitiva expects this new partnership with Savannah will give the company increased presence in South Africa and will facilitate more comprehensive involvement with regional food processors.