Reinvigorating Dairybelle

DairyBelle – the brand – has been very quiet in recent years, but following a recent relaunch, it is likely to become a force with which other big dairy companies in SA will have to reckon. In particular, the new DairyBelle marketing team hope that it will bring   “a special ‘brightness’ to SA dairy consumers”.

DairyBelle, which had been owned by Tiger Brands (followed by a brief period of ownership by the company’s management), was taken over by Dairy World of Pretoria, owned by the Meyerowitz family, and other shareholders, in 2008.

Following the takeover of DairyBelle, the brand is now receiving something it has not for many years – tender loving care.

In 2009, research was conducted to better understand the brand and where it was in the minds of consumers – and in the market place versus competitors. In 2010, implementation of the results of this research began with an entire relaunch of the DairyBelle brand, with a new, refreshed positioning which seeks to retain the brand’s positive attributes but make it more modern, bright and relevant.

The scope of the relaunch in 2010-2011 has been – well, everything:

  • Refreshed positioning for the brand and logo.
  • Refreshed packaging designs and packaging formats.
  • New flavour introductions across various ranges.
  • A new communication platform and support strategy.

The refreshed positioning of the brand and company is being backed by the reintroduction of DairyBelle advertising on TV and radio, and plans for ongoing support and innovation, says Kim Snyman, the company’s senior marketing manager.

DairyBelle’s small new marketing department, which has already achieved remarkably, is likely to grow in future. Says Snyman: “DairyBelle is a brand with strong brand equity. It is seen as trustworthy and has a strong heritage. The aim of our new brand positioning is to retain the positive attributes of trustworthiness, heritage, family values, nostalgia etc, but take the brand into a more modern and relevant space in the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.”

DairyBelle’s research indicates that its brand is still the second most recognised dairy brand in SA. That may be a reflection simply of the fact that the brand has been around for a long time….

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Yellowwood Future Architects give DairyBelle a full cream face lift

Yellowwood Future Architects, strategic brand and marketing specialists based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, was recently approached by DairyBelle to revitalise their brand. As an ageing but iconic South African brand in a now commoditised dairy category, the company wanted to ensure that it could continue to grow profitably. Essentially, DairyBelle needed creative guidance on how the brand should look and what it should offer consumers.

“We needed to refresh the brand without losing what everyone loved about it,” explains Nicky Steel, Yellowwood general manager. “We had to dust it off to make it relevant to today’s consumer, and at the same time equip the business with the tools to focus on the strongest opportunities for growth.”…..

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