Red wine and cola the African way

Stellen Fine Wines is giving South Africans a new refresher with some Latin appeal; a sparkling red wine with cola named Colathemba. [Click to enlarge].

This combination, which the company claims is very popular in Europe and South America, was originally brought to Africa by the Portuguese and is a mix enjoyed by many South Africans. The concept is said to have been invented at a Spanish festival in Algorta in 1972, where it was named Calimocho.

Colathemba, say the press release, is a “new, local, all-year-round drink that borrows from classic favourites, but is lighter and fresher, well-suited to the local climate”.

“As a young innovative company, Stellen Fine Wines is leading by example with new, stylish and trend-setting drinks,” says Rudolph du Toit, the company’s marketing and sales Manager. “We jumped at the opportunity to create a sun-kissed cooler with an African twist for the local market.”

“We have named our cooler Colathemba, giving it a strong South African identity. Themba is an isiZulu word for trust.”

This unpretentious 8% cooler is marketed in PET bottles. With a six-month shelf life, they are light, convenient and ideal for occasions where glass restriction applies, such as concerts, festivals and live events.

Colathemba is available in one-litre as well as 1,5 litre bottles and is set to retail at R14.65 and R20.65 respectively.

Contact details: Rudolph du Toit: 082 550 4145, [email protected]

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