Beverage Trends

Quenching more than thirst: Latest beverage trends

A recent webinar from The Hartman Group explores beverage trends, ingredients and applications. While this 27-minute video presentation delves into the American market and trends that will significantly impact that marketplace in 2012, it also has much broader relevance and will be of interest to South African beverage makers and marketers, and indeed, to those everywhere.

The webinar is presented by Melissa Abbott, the group’s Director of Culinary Insights, who discusses how consumers today never had more choice when it comes to beverages – that their consumption has nothing to do with thirst, but rather is more about lifestyle, desire and fun. She looks at the fact that brand loyalty is in free fall, as consumers look to experiment more and more; the issue of sugar; the craft cocktail movement; bubbles; sustainable delivery; functionality; and coffee beverages. Well worth viewing and listening to.