ProNutro Active

ProNutro gets Active with cross-category launch

Bokomo has taken its ProNutro brand into a new category, and an apt one for its positioning, with the introduction of Special Edition ProNutro Active range: a range of high-protein shakes that have been formulated to meet the needs of an active individual who leads a high performance driven lifestyle.

ProNutro Active is high in energy, carbohydrates and protein while also being low in fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

The formula, the company says, is in line with current evidence and guidelines for recovery nutrition across a range of sports and ranks high on the list of protein foods generally recommended for training requirements. A single serving of ProNutro Active is equivalent to two cups of pasta and a chicken breast.

“When compared to ProNutro cereals, ProNutro Active is easier to consume, and lower in volume, fibre and fat with an improved carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. Containing 18 vitamins and minerals as the ever popular ProNutro cereals, ProNutro Active helps provide sustained energy throughout the day,” notes its press release.

ProNuto Active shakes are a tasty, convenient and on-the-go meal supplement that mixes easily with either milk or water. The shake can be diluted to suit any dietary needs – for those on an energy-restricted diet, have high energy and protein requirements or have an active younger child.

It is available in three flavours – Vanilla, Tropical and Berry.

ProNuto Active shake has several applications/can be used in many situations where users have high energy and protein requirements, and Bokomo offers the following guidelines:

• If you are training for more than 1 hour or even twice a day and want to ensure that you have enough energy to cover your training needs, as well as enhance your recovery, you need to increase your energy intake primarily from carbohydrate and protein rich foods and drinks.

• 80g ProNutro Active mixed with 300 – 360ml water can meet high energy, high carbohydrate and high protein requirements and contribute towards your fluid requirements

• Lighter athletes (e.g. females and children) can use 40g ProNutro Active mixed with 150 – 180ml milk or water

• Use 40g ProNutro Active added to 150 – 180ml water plus a separate ±400 ml typical sports drink as a recovery snack/drink option. Bigger athletes (e.g. 80 – 100kg) can double these amounts (i.e. 80 g ProNutro Active mixed with water and a separate 800ml sports drink).

• If you want to gain lean muscle mass, it is important that you combine a high energy, high protein intake with a specific training programme AND that you strategically time your carbohydrate and protein intake around it.

• Use 80g ProNutro Active mixed with 300 ml milk to achieve a more concentrated shake.

• You can also add 20 – 40g ProNutro Active to ProNutro Breakfast cereal or add to a smoothie made up of fruit, yoghurt and milk.

• If appetite is really limited, enjoy 2 x 40g servings.