Slingshot teamug

Perfecting the tea mug?

You don’t have to invent an iPad or a smart phone to be labelled a clever innovator. Some of the simplest, everyday items are being tweaked in new ways that just shout “No brainer – why didn’t I invent that!?” Just look at this new take on the humble tea mug – simply brilliant! Or not your cup of tea?

Introducing Samir Sufi‘s “slingshot” tea mugs – the slit in the handle keeps the tag from falling in and allows the user to squeeze the liquid out of the soaked bag simply by pulling back as you would a slingshot.

Squeezing a tea bag, while claimed by many afficianados as a no-no as it adds some bitter notes to the tea, is a regular pain for tea drinkers. Slingshot teamugIt’s something this cup addresses very cleverly, but still doesn’t resolve anything for the wide majority of tea bags that are now probably sold without strings attached.

It’s not clear from the reports if this is a design concept or a purchasable item. Still, a very clever idea.