Over 4m hits for Jennifer Aniston SmartWater viral video

Here’s some clever viral marketing from Coca-Cola – its Glaceau SmartWater viral video featuring Jennifer Aniston has, to date, topped the four million hits barrier on YouTube.

Cleverly taking full advantage of this marketing grail for clever ‘viral’ campaigns, the lovely Jennifer Aniston get to mock the ‘geekiness’ of the internet, the brazen use of animals in advertising, and the popularity of anything tagged with ‘sex’, knowing full well how search engines will pick up on it.

Glaceau SmartWater almost takes second billing… but clearly the viewing figures speak for themselves.

Glacéau Smartwater, vapour-distilled water with added electrolytes, was Energy Brands’ first product released at the company’s launch in 1996. It is now a subsidiary of Coca-Cola.