Melting Chocolate

Now Nestlé develops non-melting chocolate

Nestlé has followed in the footsteps of Mondelez by coming up with its own non-melting chocolate, which could prove a game changer in emerging markets with hot climates.

Nestlé’s R&D subsidiary Nestec has developed temperature tolerant chocolate by adding little or no sugar or polyols to the chocolate core and instead adding the humectant liquids to a ‘tropicalized shell’ for the product.

Nestlé filed the patent in December last year and it was published online last week.

“When exposed to temperatures above the usual melting temperature of chocolate, only the core of the product will soften and above a certain temperature even become liquid, but the shell will remain solid and thus the whole product will maintain its shape,” read the application.

“The chocolate product remains therefore dry to the touch and does not stick to its wrapper, or adopt the shape of the wrapper, even when exposed to temperatures above the melting range of the fat composition.”

When humectants are added they can produce grittiness or a waxy mouthfeel, but Nestlé said that this could be avoided since concentrations were so low.

“Advantageously the product of the present invention can be prepared with commercially available food ingredients. No expensive additives are required,” said the company…… Read the full article

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