Jacobs sampling

Novel sampling campaign from Kraft SA for Jacobs coffee

Kraft SA has launched the Jacobs Connect Café, bringing the coffee’s famous “Verwohnaroma” to the doorstep of consumers in a novel sampling campaign. 

Mobile sampling vans , based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, are taking to the road from mid-March 2011 and will visit media houses, school parking lots, traffic hotspots, shopping centres, expo’s and more – wherever people enjoy connecting over a cup of Jacobs coffee. The fully kitted vans are self-contained sampling units, which will pull up at a venue, set up a small café area and lure consumers in to connect with the unmistakable taste and aroma of Jacobs.

Jacobs samplingJacobs Senior Brand Manager, Stuart Knott, believes that this unique take on sampling will resonate with consumers. “The Jacobs Connect Café concept is so simple – what more do you need than the taste and aroma of Jacobs coffee and a place to enjoy it?” he says. “A hot cup of Jacobs coffee is the ideal catalyst for connection, and the Connect Cafes will become mobile networking hubs for people who appreciate fine coffee.”

Jacobs is available in three variants: Jacobs Krönung, Jacobs Mild and Jacobs Night and Day (decaffeinated) in 100g and 200g jars.