Kerry Taste Twists

New twists on citrus from Kerry

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours has launched a range of six new natural citrus flavourings for beverages, known as ‘taste twists’. Forming part of its comprehensive Citrus Collection, these can be used individually and mixed with other flavours to help create innovative, refreshing new products with exotic varietal citrus notes.

Recognising the need for speed in beverage new product development (NPD), Kerry Ingredients & Flavours has produced beverage concepts to help manufacturers quickly understand the potential of these new signature flavours.

‘Taste twist’

Beverage concept

Kusiae lime ‘type’

flavoured still water

Rangpur lime ‘type’

ready-to-drink (RTD) tea

Meyer lemon ‘type’

flavoured carbonated water

Pomelo ‘type’

flavoured still water

Blood orange ‘type’

juice drink

Clementine ‘type’

energy drink*

All flavours are declared as “Natural citrus flavouring”. *Clementine is “Natural citrus flavouring with other natural flavourings (WONF)”

“Citrus is a perennial top flavour choice for beverages around the world, and we are very excited by these new additions to our range,” says Chris Slack, Marketing Executive, Beverages (EMEA) for Kerry Ingredients & Flavours. “The Kusiae lime, Rangpur lime, Meyer lemon and Pomelo ‘type’ flavours in particular demonstrate our innovative approach to citrus and reflect a new palette of flavours that complement the trend towards varietal type taste profiles.”

Kusiae and Rangpur are part of the family of mandarin limes, hybrids between mandarin orange and the lemon, with the Rangpur sometimes referred to as the Lemandarin. The Meyer lemon, with its sweeter, less acidic taste compared to the common lemon, is named after Frank Meyer who introduced the variety to the US from its native China. Pomelo is the largest of all citrus fruits and is often known as the Chinese Grapefruit, with its flavour resembling that of a mild, sweet grapefruit.

“By announcing our citrus taste twists we’re also underlining the fact that Kerry Ingredients & Flavours is a core specialist in citrus and a true global player. Our world-class supply chain sources from Florida, Brazil, Mexico and Italy. We are among the handful of companies that manage raw materials within the citrus groves of Florida right through the production process.”

With an expert team of flavour and beverage technologists at its Citrus Centre in Lakeland, Florida, Kerry’s integrated approach helps bring consumer-preferred citrus-flavoured beverages to market faster, and at optimum cost.

“We believe beverage brands benefit most from choosing a development partner who can marshal all of the ingredients, technologies, application expertise and market insight under one roof, delivering it through a single point of contact . . . as we do at Kerry Ingredients & Flavours,” continues Chris. “By working with us, beverage manufacturers really can squeeze more from citrus!”

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