Baked Beans Braai

New take on baked beans from Rhodes

Good to see some innovation spicing up the baked beans category: Rhodes has added two new variants to its range that it claims will add new meaning to “good enough to eat from the can”. Extending Rhodes Baked Bean products to four, the two new options are:

Rhodes Baked Beans in a Braai Sauce: a spicy mix of baked beans, onions and green peppers – ready to decant and eat as a salad with any braai.  It is available in a 400g can.

Rhodes Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce with Peas: another new flavour in a can. With Beans and Peas, this product is suitable for vegetarians, is gluten free, higher in dietary fibre than baked beans alone, high in carbohydrates, and is a source of protein. It is available in a 410g can.

Both products have an “easy-open” lid, and are of Choice Grade.

• The GI Foundation has tested and approved Rhodes Baked Beans as Low GI (Often foods).
• Diabetes South Africa approves and endorses Rhodes Baked Beans.
• The product is Halaal and Kosher certified.