Orley Whip

New look Orley Whip

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours has revamped its famous Orley Whip, and changed its packaging from a carton into a convenient ‘pour and store’ plastic bottle. [Click pic to enlarge]

Orley Whip is a convenient, versatile alternative to fresh cream. It contains no preservatives and animal fats, making it suitable for lactose-intolerant consumers and vegetarians, and is also gluten free.

The product is available as Orley Whip Dessert Topping and Imitation Cream and is kosher and halaal certified.

In the Orley Foods’ stable until its acquisition by Kerry earlier this year, this is Kerry’s only retail product in SA. 

Orley Whip whips up to three times its volume, contains no animal fat, and has a four-month refrigerated shelf life. Kerry also manufactures non-dairy creme for the wholesale market.

The new bottle is supplied by Dairypack and the shrink label by Colpak.