Night markets

New global foods trends inspired from international influences

Foraging for your supper, markets for nocturnal eaters and hyper-specialised restaurants are among five new food trends that are sweeping the globe, says a travel magazine.

The May issue of Budget Travel magazine lists urban foraging, night markets, single-item restaurants, ‘bicycle cafés’, and ‘rent-a-tree’ programs as the hottest new fads in the food world. Here’s a breakdown:

Urban Foraging

Instead of singing for your supper, it seems foodies in the know are foraging for their dinner. Perhaps the ultimate trendsetter in this area is the fine dining, James Beard award-winning Copenhagen restaurant Noma, which builds dishes based on plants found nearby.

Night Markets

Nocturnal food markets famous in East Asia are starting to gain a foothold in the North American market. Cities like Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles have set up sexy, nocturnal food gatherings selling street food-style fare that sends heady aromas into the night air.

Single-item restaurants

The latest restaurant trend is to do one thing, and do it well. The magazine offers Chedd’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese in Austin, Texas as an example, where diners can choose between 8 680 grilled-cheese possibilities

Bicycle Cafés

Styled a little after the truck stop café, the bike café is described as a “hybrid repair shop” where riders can wait for their two-wheeled ride to get repaired by enjoying a light home-made snack. Stockholm’s Bianchi Café & Cycles specializes in light Italian fare while London also has Look Mum No Hands!


Part of the perk of adopting an orange tree from Finca Ca’s Sant orchard in Mallorca means you receive shipments of ripe fruit, marmalade and orange liqueur. Adopt an olive tree on Italy’s Nudo farm and you receive freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Source: The Independent