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Eton Mess

New food words in the OED

Widely accepted as the last word on English words, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) currently contains some 600,000 entries. But, to keep pace with our ever-changing language, the list grows quarterly with revisions and additions. The most recent update included some new words from the world of food, including Eton Mess, gremolata and kleftiko. 

The dictionary’s editors consider a word to be OED-worthy if, among other things, it has reached “a level of general currency where it is unselfconsciously used with the expectation of being understood: that is, we look for examples of uses of a word that are not immediately followed by an explanation of its meaning for the benefit of the reader.”

Click image to find out more about gremolata, kleftiko and Eton Mess, and to see which other culinary words made the official English–language list.

Source: Food Product Design

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