Eric Todd Sauces

New chilli sauces from Elgin

Eric Todd Homemade Sauces is a new range of “all-natural, locally sourced” products from the heart of the picturesque Elgin Valley in the Western Cape.

They are the brainchild of Hennie Lötter, a passionate food lover and Elgin farmer. Inspired by his friends who were fervent food connoisseurs, Eric and Winsome Todd, Hennie set out to produce a whole new breed of chilli sauce, using his own harvested fruits and chillies. The original recipe is a Todd family secret, passed on to Hennie when Eric passed away in 2008.

“Made using a delicate mixture of passion and dedication – and of course a top secret blend of chillies, fruits and spices – they will enhance the flavour of every dish instead of masking it, resulting in an oral extravaganza the likes of which your taste buds have never experienced,” enthuses Hennie.

“These are chilli sauces to complement only the best aspects of a meal; a sauce that accentuates all the right notes, opening any dish up to a dynamic range of tastes to suit almost any palate. After all, it’s not about how hot the sauce is, it’s how you use it!”

Eric Todd Homemade Sauces contain no preservatives or colourants.

The range includes Peri-Peri Sauce, Chilli Plum Sauce, Marinating & Basting Sauce, that complement an assortment of original salad dressings, including a Lime & Coriander variant.

The sauces are available from a variety of stores nationally, including Melissa’s, Spar and independent retailers & restaurants, as well as online. A full stockist list is available here:
They retail for between R37-42.