New cheese-making contest from Woolworths

Cheese makers who are considering launching a new cheese, or who have launched a novelty cheese in the previous 12 months that’s not currently sold in retail supermarkets, are encouraged to enter Woolworths first Cheese Makers’ Challenge. The winning cheese in each category will be sold exclusively through Woolworths for an agreed period.

A maximum of two cheeses may be entered by any one cheese maker. These should fit within the following broad categories: hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, wash rind cheese, white mould cheese, blue mould cheese, fresh cheese or cheeses with additives. Entries will close in July 2011 and products must be submitted by September 2011. There is no entry fee and judging will be done by an independent panel.

Entries will have to comply with all regulations governing cheeses in South Africa as well as the store’s standards. For more details and entry forms go to