Nestlé introduces Aero Orange

Aero has shown year-on-year volume and value growth, and now there’s a new variant on SA shelves. Nestlé recently introduced Aero Orange in a 38 gram and 100 gram pack sizes.

The brand is aimed at women aged 21 – 30 years old, who like to make the most of their ‘me time’ by pampering themselves.

Says Nestlé… “Innovation under the well-known Areo brand will do well with those shoppers who like to stick with well known brands (In Perspective, Shopper Research Diary). Shoppers will easily recognise the popular brand in a different flavour and increase weight of purchase. Excitement in this category will increase basket size.”

Mintel shows that in chocolate confectionary the Orange variant falls within the top five variants launched globally in the past six months. Indulgent chocolate in one of the top variants in the chocolate segment.