Nestle Health Science launches non-starch-based thickening powder

In an interesting example of food-pharma cross-over, Nestlé Health Science has launched Resource ThickenUp Clear, a non-starch-based thickening powder for use in foods and liquids, which has been developed for people with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).

According to the company, this xanthan gum product is designed to decrease the risk of aspiration compared to thin liquids for people with dysphagia – a serious condition affecting nearly 25 million people in the US. In addition, the new product also addresses the challenges of some existing starch-based thickeners.

The new product is tasteless, mixes and dissolves easily and remains clear when mixed with water.

People affected by dysphagia may require the texture of liquids and foods to be modified with a thickening product in order to help them swallow more safely.

The company noted that a recent study conducted by Rebecca J Leonard, PhD, showed a significant reduction in the incidence of penetration and aspiration in dysphagia patients who consumed Resource ThickenUp Clear, made with xanthan gum, compared to thin liquid.

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