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Natural heat-stable red colour for meat applications

Vitiva has launched an all-natural heat-stable red colour for meat applications named Bright’nRED HS, which is based on proprietary extracts designed to replace carmine colour.

Traditionally, the meat industry has used carmine colour because of its appealing pink and the fact that it can sustain the fresh appearance of meat products. During 2010, carmine prices increased dramatically, says Vitiva, due to several events in the supply chain and cactus growing. Carmine’s prices will remain high for at least another two years, since the length of the cycle needed to grow and harvest cochineal insect is three years, if all is well.

“We strategically decided to diverse our portfolio and create a wide range of products designed specifically for our exclusive clients in the meat industry in order to meet their needs,” says Ohad Cohen, CEO of the Slovenian-based Vitiva. “There is a growing demand for replacing the carmine colour with an all-natural and vegetarian colourant. Vitiva utilised its expertise and knowledge in stabilising foods with its natural antioxidant solutions and developed a natural red colour, a heat-stable product, to replace carmine in meat products. This product  is the best alternative to carmine because it matches the desired carmine shades, while being of vegetal origin, 100% natural and non-allergen.”

Bright’nRED HS is based on a specially stabilised beetroot extract giving the product features that differentiate it from plain beetroot extract traditionally available on the market. By mixing a specific spice extract with beetroot, he reports it has succeeded in matching the exact characteristics of carmine in terms of hue, heat and light stability in various meat products.

“There are certain factors a manufacturer should take into consideration when using the carmine colour,” explains Cohen. “The result of the extraction and of the chemical process involved in the making of the carmine colour is a colour that is not a 100% natural and recently, the FDA required food manufacturers using carmine to label it namely as “carmine colour” instead of being non-specific as before, mainly due to the potential risk carmine poses as a food allergen. Bright’nRED HS is 100% natural, non-allergenic vegetarian colour offering clean label solutions. In addition, using Bright’nRED HS, you can save up to 15% on costs  spent on the  carmine colour while offering an exact match to the current carmine colour hues that are so desirable in meat applications.”

Vitiva is represented in South Africa by Savannah Fine Chemicals.

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