Total recycling units

Nampak makes a Total commitment to recycling

Nampak Recycling, Apple Green Holdings and Total have recently partnered to bring Post Wink recycling units (bins for the public to deposit recyclables) to Total’s forecourts.

The project, which is still in its infancy, has already launched a pilot project with recycling units at various Total forecourts. Currently there are ten sites (forecourts with the recycling units) functioning – nine in Gauteng and one in Brits.

The initial success of the pilot project is seeing a snowball effect on many additional Total service stations countrywide that are interested in getting involved.

A variety of waste products can be deposited in the recycling units. This includes glass bottles and jars, any empty tins or beverage cans, water bottles, other domestic bottles, and of course paper products such as magazines, newspapers, junk mail and tissue boxes.

“Once you start recycling it’s amazing just how much of your household ‘garbage’ can actually be recycled,” says Linda Christensen, Marketing Strategy Implementation Manager at Total.

The amount of waste collected varies from garage site to garage site on a monthly basis. The highest volume of waste – collected from one site – recorded so far has been 2.5 tons in one month; this amounts to nearly 600kg per week.

The initial challenge for Total was to source suitable bins and make arrangements for collections. Linda said that it wasn’t an easy task, but perseverance paid off and once Total met with Nampak Recycling, things really started to fall into place. Total funded the Recycling units and Nampak Recycling outsourced the local collections to Apple Green, a BEE waste collection services company. Apple Green receives all revenue generated by the project in return for their collection service.

Those stations, which are further away, and out of reach for Apple Green’s collections, will be making their own arrangements for collections with their local Nampak Recycling office or other service providers. According to Linda, the level of interest from the various Total sites is so high that some are even prepared to deliver the loads themselves.

Meshack Mosiya, Nampak Recycling’s National Procurement Manager, had this to say of the initiative’s next steps: “The current hurdle is to get the public to understand the importance of sorting and keeping the recyclable waste as clean as possible so that it can actually be used. Nampak Recycling is sure that with patience and commitment – especially at site level – this will improve, and of course as awareness increases, the hope is that recycling will become a daily way of life for everyone”.