Packaging rage

Millions suffer ‘wrap rage’ battling to open modern-day packaging

UK consumer champions Which? reports millions of Britons suffer “wrap rage”, as modern-day technology and moulded plastic packaging infuriates shoppers.

Some 89 per cent use scissors to cut open the plastic, 66 per cent use knives, 8 per cent use Stanley knives, 4 per cent a razor blade and 2 per cent resort to a hammer.

Which? added that as many as a million people across the UK are ending up at the GP or the local Emergency centre every two years because of injuries caused by the humble tin can.

One Which? member complained of the “gargantuan” struggle needed to get through packaging on an Oral-B Vitality electric toothbrush.

Another raged at the effort needed to get open a pack of Warbutons’ crumpets. He said: “I’m a 30-year old male who goes to the gym a lot…but trying to open the plastic wrapping on these crumpters just ends up in frustration.”

Brillo Mr Muscle soap pads, Listerine mouthwash and WH Smith rounded blade scissors were among the other products named and shamed by Which? The WH Smith scissors are held in place under moulded plastic by a cable tie.

Dr Alaster Yoxall, design expert at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “There have been competing priorities for companies – the need for packaging to keep food fresh, to keep the contents secure and tamper proof and to use less packaging.

“But there are too many excuses for poor design and lack of thought.”

Which? added the increasingly complex packaging was influencing some people’s diets. One in five people claim their food choices are “limited” by complicated packaging when they’re out shopping at the supermarket. Three-quarters believe modern-day packaging is harder to open than it needs to be. Some 67 per cent get “frustrated”.

Heinz Beanz tins with a ring-pull were hailed as a design for other food and consumer good manfactutrers to follow…..

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