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Whole Earth Peanut Butter sachets

Making peanut butter a healthy snack

Nice bit of NPD out of the UK that puts a new spin on an old staple, and which is an ideal match for a healthy-snack hungry world…. Whole Earth, producers of organic and natural foods, has squeezed its crunchy peanut butter into easy to eat-on-the-go sachets.

Available in boxes of seven, the 32g Easy Squeezy sachets of crunchy peanut butter are sized for picnic hampers, lunchboxes and sports bags.

Each serving contains enough nutty butter to spread on two slices of toast or can be eaten on its own as a snack.

Made with 97% peanuts, which have their skins left on to ensure the most natural flavour, Whole Earth’s crunchy peanut butter contains no added sugar or sweeteners.

Nikki French, Whole Earth Brand Controller, said: “Peanut Butter is a really nutritious and delicious food choice but it’s long been a kitchen-only staple because of its format.

“Peanut Butter has never been something you could just grab on your way out of the house or easily pack into you work, school or gym bag, so the new sachet formats are going to be a great help for everyone in the family.”

Easy Squeezy sachets are available from Waitrose RRP £3.49.

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