natural colour powders

Low-dust benefits and improved solubility with Sensient’s new natural colour powders

Sensient Colors, the global leader in natural colours, has introduced DustPro NXT natural colour powders, an innovative product line that extends Sensient’s portfolio. DustPro NXT, it says, significantly reduce dust levels while improving colour solubility compared to traditional natural colour powders.

Sensient says its research and development team created new DustPro NXT natural colours to prevent colour particulates from sticking together, improve pouring capabilities and minimise dust accumulation. When added to water, they dissolves rapidly and reduce mixing time. DustPro NXT also has a greater shelf life and lower shipping costs than liquid natural colours.

It adds that DustPro NXT natural colours are ideal in beverage, dairy, baking, and processed food applications. A vivid, full colour spectrum is available including customised colours to meet specific shade requirements.

“The DustPro NXT product line gives our customers a new natural colour alternative. While these natural colour powders minimise important dust and cross-contamination concerns, they also have the extra benefits of extended shelf-life, reduced clean-up time, and easier shipping,” says Mike Geraghty, President, Color Group, Sensient Technologies Corporation.

“We see our natural colour science quickly closing the gap with synthetic colour technology every day, and Sensient works hard to create easy, compatible, turn-key colour solutions to advance the natural colours market.”

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