Kraft launches PERK: another affordable and locally relevant choc bar

An international Cadbury brand, the PERK bar that has been a hit in India since 1996, has now been launched in South Africa. Cadbury PERK is a twin pack consisting of two crispy wafer chocolate bars “super-charged with glucose for an instant energy hit”. Selling for the recommended price of just R2, Cadbury Perk, says Kraft, offers good value: two bars with twice the energy at a very affordable price.

“Kraft Foods has always been at the forefront of innovation providing great-tasting Cadbury chocolate for the nation. The launch of Cadbury PERK opens up a new opportunity to provide a top quality product at an affordable price to consumers with a lower disposable income,” says Greg Banach, Kraft Foods Category Leader: Chocolate.

Kraft Foods is putting serious muscle behind the launch of this new brand in order to drive trial and awareness. Kraft Foods will undertake the biggest out-of-home advertising campaign in its history featuring outdoor sites across the country. The launch will also be supported by a national radio campaign, trade activations, stand-out point of sale units in stores and an extensive sampling campaign, which will see over 400 000 samples reach the hands of consumers.

What is PERK versus the well-known Chomp?

Cadbury Chomp is a wafer biscuit and caramel, covered in chocolate-flavoured coating with an RSP of R2.20.

Cadbury PERK comprises layers of wafer and flavoured crème, covered in chocolate-flavoured coating with added glucose for extra energy. It is a twin bar with an RSP of R2.00. The SA variant of PERK has a different choc-flavoured coating than the Indian one to meet local taste preferences.

Last November Cadbury introduced another product positioned on an affordability, locally-relevant platform – Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots, a chocolate ball coated in a crunchy candy shell – and said to be the first chocolate in the local market to boast a candy shell which provides a heat resistant casing preventing the chocolate from melting easily on hawker tables.

Sold in a convenient two-unit pack, the RSP for consumers was then 70c per unit. Read more

Some background to Cadbury PERK, from

PERK began its journey in 1996 as the Indian market started to get global competition in the chocolate market.  It is renowned to have been the first wafer chocolate brand in India. The light, crisp wafer and chocolate construct targeted the casual snacking space, traditionally the domain of chips and salty wafers. It was a quick light snack.

On the back of popular advertising, Perk became the delicious ‘anytime, anywhere’ light snack. Its unique brand of advertising that features bubbly, mischievous teenagers who get out of ‘stuck’ situations with a Perk ensured its popularity among its prime consumers, the youth.

In time, as the messaging progressed the offerings became varied. Value for money brands increased the competition in the wafer chocolate segment.  Cadbury Perk stepped up with these changing times and consumers saw the dawn of Perk XL , Perk XXL , Perk Slims and Perk Minis. Cadbury Perk has kept pace with the evolving market with the launch of a lower price-point offering.

In 2006 Cadbury Perk added yet another feather in it’s cap. Under Perk’s brand umbrella, Cadbury launched the reverse chocolate- one with choco- cream inside and wafer outside. Aptly christened ‘Ulta Perk’ (Ulta in Hindi means reverse) catches the imagination of youth again. Ulta Perk not only garnered additional market share within the Perk franchise but also grew mother brand Perk!

One of the key players in the Indian chocolate market and Cadbury’s representative in the chocolate wafer biscuit category, Perk is poised for growth with it’s capability to expand the chocolate market and strong franchise of loyal consumers.

Source: Kraft