Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours global campaign highlights unique taste capabilities to meet reformulation challenges

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours is launching a high-profile global advertising and PR campaign, themed ‘no one sees taste like Kerry’, to highlight the company’s unique perspective on delivering good taste in food and beverage products – at a time of great need by the industry.

“Food manufacturers are struggling with the challenge of maintaining taste in foods containing lower levels of salt, sugar and fat,” explains Dr Adam Anderson, Research & Development Director, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours EMEA, “Our customers tell us that consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with the taste of products that have been formulated – or reformulated – with lower salt, sugar and fat profiles.”

This ‘taste backlash’ has been highlighted by the recent decision by Campbell Soup in the US to increase the salt level in its soups, after an earlier much publicised reduction resulted in a slump in sales.

“We firmly support industry efforts to reduce salt, sugar and fat levels in food, in line with medical evidence demonstrating the health benefits that result. However, manufacturers are facing real challenges in maintaining taste and consumer satisfaction while making these reductions”, adds Adam.

Conventional flavouring approaches are increasingly unequal to the task of delivering reformulated products which still offer traditional eating appeal. “What’s needed is a holistic perspective to taste, looking across the whole food matrix, which encompasses flavours and other taste ingredients options, which is very much the approach we take”, said Adam.

The goal of Kerry Ingredients & Flavours global campaign is to make food manufacturers aware that Kerry offers new and effective alternative ways to achieve good taste.

“Using the latest science is important, but reliance on science and the laboratory development of flavour technology alone is not enough. It is only through a combination of food science expertise, and genuine in-depth knowledge of food, that the taste challenges the industry is facing can be met.”

Kerry taste expertise is backed by one of the most significant R&D spends in the food industry, the broadest range of technologies within the food, ingredients, and flavours market, and a unique combination of in-house flavour, texture, process and sensory/analytical capabilities.

“We hope our new ‘taste’ campaign will help global manufacturers realise that they don’t have to compromise on taste when reformulating products – an essential strategic concern when growing and protecting market share and sales in today’s highly-competitive, cost-conscious markets”, concludes Adam.

The taste campaign is backed by a six-figure, three-year global advertising push. The advertising campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi X (part of the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising group) will be aimed at food and beverage purchasing, R&D and marketing managers, employing a striking series of creative advertising concepts. These will run initially from September 2011 to the end of January 2012 in key food trade media outlets, featuring high quality x-ray images of food ingredients unified by the strapline ‘No one sees taste like Kerry’. The advertising copy will urge readers to talk to ‘someone who knows food as well as they know science’.

A dedicated micro site,, has also been created to provide more details of Kerry’s taste capabilities.