Egg Ready

Introducing Ready Egg – an NPD first for SA

Now here’s an interesting first for the South African FMCG market… introducing Ready Egg, a new free range product from Cape Town’s The Free Range Chicken Co, which offers great consumer convenience: no more egg shells in their omelettes or messy attempts at separating egg whites. [Click pic to enlarge]

Convenience meets ethics in this first range of pasteurised liquid egg products available to shoppers in South Africa; all Ready Egg products contain nothing but free range eggs. They are preservative and colourant-free, and are conveniently packaged in a recyclable 270ml high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles.

The Ready Egg range consists of three products:

  • Ready Egg Whole – five standard free range eggs
  • Ready Egg Lite – two free range yolks and seven free range whites, resulting in 60% less fat and cholesterol, while retaining the same great taste
  • Ready Egg White – nine pure free range egg whites

The free range eggs used by The Free Range Chicken Co are produced exclusively by its sister company, Eikenhof Poultry Farms, just outside Cape Town. Eikenhof has been farming since 1935 and is the first significant commercial egg producer in South Africa to convert 100% to free range egg production.

“Eikenhof aims to lead the way in ethical, quality and sustainable poultry farming,” says Dr David Allwright of The Free Range Chicken Co. “All our hens are free to roam by day and sleep in barns at night. Our production facilities are clean and well maintained.”

Due to the cutting-edge, second generation wave pasteurization technology used, Ready Egg is preservative-free and must be kept refrigerated: Ready Egg Whole has a shelf life of 15 days, Ready Egg Lite has a shelf life of 19 days and Ready Egg White has a shelf life of 23 days. Once opened, Ready Egg must be used within three days.

The technology, Sanovo Wave Technology, is a new liquid egg pasteurization technology producing extended shelf life products while maintaining the functional properties of the egg.

Ready Egg can be found at selected retail outlets nationally and recommended retail prices (RRP) are:

1. Ready Egg Whole R15.99

2. Ready Egg White R17.99

3. Ready Egg Light R19.99

Visit for more information.

The free range Chicken Co embraces the 5 Freedoms of Free-Range Farming:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

2. Freedom from discomfort

3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease

4. Freedom to express normal behaviour

5. Freedom from fear and distress