International industry report ranks Amarula a brand champion

The Spirits Business, a leading UK-based international trade journal and a voice for the International Bartenders’ Association, has named Amarula a key contender in its new spirits survey, Reigning Supreme: Brand Champions 2012, released this month (June).

Amarula is one of eight liqueur brand champions identified worldwide and is hailed for its exceptional performance last year, delivering double digit sales volume growth. The magazine praised Amarula for closing “the year in strong fashion, enjoying double-digit growth thanks to a particularly robust performance in Latin American markets and the brand’s launch into Mexico.”

Similarly, Euromonitor has listed Amarula as one of the world’s fastest-growing global brands across all spirits categories, based on its 2011 performance, with the brand featured in The Millionaires’ Club, produced by Drinks International that covers the world’s million-case spirits brands.

Since then, according to senior global marketing spokesperson Siobhan Thompson, growth has accelerated with buoyant sales in Africa, Europe, the Americas and in the duty-free channel. This is despite the fact that unlike its competitors, it produces just one flavour.

“The marula flavour is so exotic and so closely bound up with the mystery of Africa that it remains a very compelling offering and we keep supporters loyal by focusing on the versatility of the brand as an indulgent drink for any occasion, to be enjoyed on its own or in an exciting range of cocktails and coffees.

“Even in South Africa, our longest-standing and most established market, the brand is delivering excellent growth. This is despite the state of the economy and the advent of several me-too options available to consumers. Germany, another of our more mature markets, also continues to reflect very sound growth off a strong base.”

She said even the Eurozone crisis had not dampened enthusiasm for the brand on the Continent, while UK was another market doing surprisingly well.

“At the same time, we are seeing very promising results from developing markets such as Nigeria and Angola, as well as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.”

She said that the uniqueness of the taste and Amarula’s strong African positioning held widespread appeal for consumers.

“Elephants love the marula fruit and are a focal feature of our communications, which makes us very distinctive. We are also actively involved in elephant conservation, giving rise to many narrative and promotional possibilities. Recently we launched a novel, conservation-themed competition for consumers internationally in which winners were given a rare opportunity to participate in collaring an African elephant in the wild.”

Last year Amarula was voted one of the world’s top bar brands in an international industry poll undertaken by Drinks International. In the survey involving 700 bartenders, bar owners and mixologists across 60 countries, Amarula was listed as a Top Ten Hot Liqueur brand, taking sixth position. Respondents were drawn from the most popular bars in major world cities and were asked to identify the hottest brands on the lips of their patrons.

Source: Distell