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Heinz Squeeze & Stir

Heinz launches “Squeeze & Stir” soup sachets in the UK

Nice innovation from the UK, where Heinz has broken with more than 100 years of tradition to launch its first instant soup in a novel format: its Squeeze and Stir range of instant cup soups come in handy, lightweight, squeezable sachets – the first time the company has entered the instant soup market in a move in response to the rising cost of metal for manufacturing soup cans.

That the food giant hopes will strengthen its grip on the £532million-a-year soup market; Heinz accounts for 64% of the UK’s tinned soup sales, but Batchelors is the current instant king with its Cup-a-Soup hogging a 59% slice of the market.

Heinz Squeeze & Stir is made from a concentrated purée in four flavours – cream of tomato, Mediterranean vegetable, cream of tomato with basil and minestrone. All consumers need to do is squeeze the soup into a cup, add boiling water and stir. The range provides a convenient solution to a mid-morning or afternoon snack, or as an accompaniment to a sandwich.

By adding hot water, each tube makes a mug full. The tubes weigh 70g, compared to the typical 400g weight of a tin of soup.

The weight saving has also led Heinz to say its new format is greener, as it will cut transport costs. Environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth said: “We welcome moves by companies to reduce packaging and make that packaging easily recyclable.”

Source: Heinz/

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