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Heineken debuts ‘double-walled’ glass that cools beer within minutes

A beer glass that instantly cools your drink however hot the summer weather has been launched by Heineken. The “double-walled” glass has been designed to bring the brewer’s beer to the perfect temperature while also giving it an ideal head.

“Nothing tastes better than a cold beer at the end of a long and hot day. But nothing is more annoying when you return home and find your beer is not cold enough,” said Ralph Rijks, the marketing manager of Heineken.

The Ellipse “Vriesglass” is kept in the freezer ready for use to keep the “special fluid” stored within its hollow sides frozen.

After an hour in the fridge, the glass is ready to bring beer at room temperature down to between freezing and two degrees C within five minutes.

The glass will continue to chill for half an hour and has an elliptical line moulded on it for pouring to “automatically create the ideal tap or pouring angle”.

“We are the first to put such a glass on the market. If your glasses are in the freezer you can always have an ice cold beer,” said Rijks. “It keeps it freezing until the last drop.”

The new 33cl glass is sold in the Netherlands for €8.99 , a price that includes nine cans of the Heineken “extra cold” brand, brewed for a denser head to keep its flavour and bubbles at low temperatures.

“We’ll make an analysis on our homeground over the summer before looking at other markets such as Britain,” said a spokesman for Heineken.

Source: Heineken

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