Hefestus goes out of business – but its machines do not

FOODStuff SA has recently learnt that Hefestus, the Israeli developer and supplier of top-sealing food packaging machines and lines, has gone out of business. It had built a notable international profile, including sales to South African food producers, for its innovative MAP technology, dubbed SLB or Shelf-Life Booster.

With several Hefestus machines at work in local food plants, their owners can rest assured that their investment will not follow the company’s unfortunate demise, reports Amotz Golan of local packaging supplier, AGQPE: ‘We are in contact with an Israeli manufacturer who can and is supplying spares and moulds for Hefestus machines. Hefestus technology will not become redundant and we are happy to provide on-going after-sales support and service.’

AGQPE is the local agent for ILPRA, the Italian vendor of a broad range of tray-sealing/MAP solutions.

AGQPE T +(27) 011 7283947