FutureLife launches new smart bars

FutureLife, brand leader in the South African functional food market, has announced the extension of their current SmartFood range into the bar category.

Formulated with Futurelife’s unique core ingredient SmartFood, SmartBars offer the quality nutrition which is synonymous with the FutureLife brand. SmartBars offer a new dimension of convenience for consumers, and will appeal particularly to those who have busy lifestyles, are physically active, and eat on-the-go.

“Of all the requests received from consumers regarding product development, the one that was top of mind with consumers was a SmartBar range. We are therefore very excited about the launch of this new range, which will give our consumers even more choice. Each bar in the range is NON-GMO, contains added vitamins and minerals and the daily immune supplement MODUCARE. All this in a tasty, convenient format,” says Shaun Harris, MD of Futurelife.

The SmartBar range encompasses three different offerings:

High Energy SmartBars:  For fast-acting energy, these contain 40 essential nutrients (including 19 vitamins and minerals), and offer the benefit of replenishing lost electrolytes and refuelling muscle tissue. Available in three variants: Strawberry Crunch, Choc Strawberry Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch.

High Protein SmartBars: High protein for sustained energy release and muscle recovery, these are low GI, high in protein (a combination of three proteins types for optimal release) and ingredients include soya lecithin, prebiotics, L- glutamine and 19 amino acids.  Available in two variants: Peanut Butter Crunch and Chocolate Crunch.

High Protein Lite SmartBars:  Offer all the benefits of High Protein SmartBars but contain 25% less sugar and are suitable for those seeking a high protein, reduced calorie snack. Available in two variants: Peanut Butter Crunch and Chocolate Crunch.

FutureLife SmartBars are available in most retail outlets, pharmacies, forecourts and specialist sports outlets.

Approximate retail selling prices are as follows: Futurelife High Energy SmartBars R9.99, High Protein Lite SmartBars R12.99, and High Protein SmartBar R14.99.

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