Futurelife launches kids’ cereal range

FUTURELIFE has launched a new range of cereals aimed at children that incorporate a host of essential nutrients and innovative packaging.

With 40% less sugar than the market leader in pre-sweetened cereal, FUTURELIFE Kids’ cereal has been developed as a healthier cereal alternative.

“Just add milk for a quick and convenient go-to meal choice that will assist in boosting your child’s immunity and help with much-needed cognitive and digestive support. too,” goes the PR.

“We know that healthy meal options, specially at breakfast-time, can be challenging as it’s difficult to find food that offers both the nutrition that children need and the fun flavours that they actually want to eat,” says Justine Agnew, marketing manager for FUTURELIFE Cereals.

“FUTURELIFE Kids’ cereal is a delicious breakfast or snack that children love and that’s loaded with all the nutritional benefits that a mother likes to see.”

A scientifically formulated blend of whole grain oat clusters and multigrain pops, the cereals are high in fibre and with the addition of probiotics for digestive support. The new cereal also contains 33 different nutrients for brain, bone, and immune support, providing young bodies with the added boost they need to stay healthy.

They are available in three flavours, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Entertaining packaging

With relatable characters with flip up ears on the pack, children can also use a mobile phone to access a host of engaging learning opportunities.

“Using the very latest technology that’s available, we’ve designed the FUTURELIFE Kids’ cereal box so that children will be able to unlock a host of age-appropriate immersive content. This includes games, stories and videos that promote literacy and numeracy, fun activities that encourage healthy eating habits and so much more,” says Agnew.

Source: www.futurelife.co.za