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Futurelife Zero

Futurelife launches added-sugar-free Zero version

Futurelife, one of the fastest-growing and credible health brands in the country, has added a ZERO variant to its range of cereals and functional foods. [Click pic to enlarge]

Futurelife ZERO ‘smart food’ is formulated with no added cane sugar. It is low GI, non-GMO, high in protein, contains only 1.5g of fat per serving and has been scientifically formulated to contain 25 vitamins and minerals as well as Moducare .

It contains rice and has been mainly formulated as a drink for shakes or smoothies. It can also be enjoyed as a porridge or as a meal or snack, anytime of the day or night.

“ZERO smart food is the ideal product for women who are weight conscious and looking to follow a calorie-restricted diet. For best results, ZERO Smart food should be consumed as part of an energy restricted diet and in conjunction with an active lifestyle,” says a company press release.

Key benefits of FUTURELIFE ZERO Smart food, adds the company, are:

  • Contains ZERO added cane sugar and has been formulated with SmartSweetness, a combination of stevia and zero calorie erythritol and sucralose.
  • Low in fat, with only 1,5g of fat per serving.
  • Is Low GI, releasing energy more slowly. It has been tested by the GI Science Laboratory and has been certified as a low GI food and is endorsed by Diabetes South Africa.
  •  ZERO is high in dietary fibre. The product has been scientifically formulated with SmartFibre, a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibre, including maize, acacia fibre, inulin (prebiotic), soya and rice.
  • High in protein.
  • Contains 55 nutrients. ZERO contains 19 amino acids, 12 minerals and 13 vitamins, as well as a protein, lecithin, inulin, omega 3 and 6, simple and complex carbohydrates, three types of good fat and Moducare .
  • ZERO has been formulated with Moducare, the immune supplement made from a patented blend of plant sterols and sterolins, in a clinically-proven ratio of 100:1. Moducare is supplied exclusively to FUTURELIFE under licence from Aspen Pharmacare.
  • ZERO has been tested and approved as part of the Heart and Stoke Foundation Heart Mark Programme eating plan.
  • ZERO is versatile and convenient. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a meal replacement or shake, or an in-between snack.
  • Non-GMO. FUTURELIFE buys all its raw materials from farmers who only grow non-GM crops.

FUTURELIFE ZERO Smart food is available in the following pack sizes, 40g sachet which will retail at R6.99 and 500g which will retail at R39.99.

ZERO will be available in Original flavour initially, and can be found in leading retail outlets such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Dischem, Clicks, Checkers and Spar.















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