Q Pro International DVD

Food safety training made simple and cost effective

With food safety a top priority for any retailer, caterer or food vendor, QPRO International, a leading provider of food safety services in SA, has timeously launched a comprehensive, six-module DVD food safety and hygiene course offering training that is convenient, cost effective and locally relevant.

‘Our idea has been to take the classroom into the preparation environment and we believe this is an apt and welcome option for many food businesses, including those where there is a moderate to high staff turn-over. Once the DVD is purchased it can be watched over and over again, at a time and frequency that is convenient for individuals and the purchasing company, thus reducing downtime,’ comments Julie Woods, MD of QPRO.

The training is centred around the food safety compliance points in a typical QPRO assessment making it easier for learners to understand the importance of the theory behind food safety in a more practical, hands-on way. It is suitable for all businesses involved in food preparation in the retail, restaurant, catering and hotel sectors.

The locally-produced series is inclusive of current local laws and an understanding of local conditions and cultures.

‘That it’s geared for the South African environment was key in the origination and production,’ says Woods. ‘The modules are hosted by an amiable anchor person who presents the information in a friendly and clear manner. The language is designed to be simple yet precise, while it covers topics in a structured and organised manner.’

Modules that are covered in the twin DVD set are:

  • Introduction and personal hygiene
  • Safe food handling practices
  • Sanitation and cleaning
  • Food temperature management
  • Safe food storage practices
  • Record keeping – a detailed overview

‘It is a dynamic series, with “real life” kitchen and food preparation/production scenes that make the training exciting, fun and easy for the learner to identify with,’ adds Woods.

QPRO International complements the series with web-based test questions so that learners’ understanding and comprehension of the course can be evaluated. This also allows purchasers to keep certificates of success for their records, to have ready access to this repository of records and adequately fulfill all the requirements of the law.

For further information, email: [email protected], or visit http://myqpro.com/services_eqpro.html