Fine wine in a 187-ml glass tube

Very stylish item of innovation for the wine industry… out of California comes The Vini, offering fine wines by the glass and sleekly packaged in a glass tube as a 187ml serving, equivalent to 1/4 of a regular-size bottle of wine. At 25cm tall and 5cm wide, this container offers a very gracious pour in a unique package. [Click pic to enlarge]

Prior to this sexy and elegant innovation, fine wines were only available one bottle at a time. Now they are available one glass or one Vini at a time for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase an entire bottle, says the company, a winery, which also owns a state-of-the-art, proprietary bottling line in Sonoma, California.

This breakthrough allows consumers to taste more than one fine wine at a sitting or perhaps try a glass of a fine wine when they were too shy or budget-restricted to purchase an entire full-size bottle.

The Vini is available with a California Napa wine based on Zinfandel and a California Sonoma wine based on Chardonnay. The Vini is not just a bottling format, it is also a brand of wine. While the wine available in The Vini is also called The Vini, the company will allow other high-end wineries to bottle in the format.

Miami entrepreneur and boutique winery owner Sunny Fraser is CEO of The Vini. Her partner, winemaker and Chef David K Gordon affectionately known as Chef Superdave to the industry) is the COO/Chief Wine Expert. Together, they designed the elegant single serving option.

Fraser says, “Until our innovation, the only other option for a single serving of wine was the small bottle like those found on an airplane. However, that option does not include high-end wines. We do! We are so excited to bring this high-end wine option to the consumer.”

Gordon said, “The Vini will allow the connoisseur to have their everyday indulgence, while providing the amateur wine drinker the opportunity to explore a variety of wines and brands they may never have purchased in a regular-size bottle costing $40.00 or more. This expands their palate and expands the market for luxury brands. It’s easier to invest in a glass than an entire bottle.”

Like many other high-end wineries, The Vini uses the industry standard Stelvin (screw cap) closure.

See more at www.thevini.com