Innova: Fibre trend grows

The use of fibre as an ingredient for either functionality or health is growing. Innova Market Insights tracked 2,645 new products globally in the last year (Feb 09-Feb 10) using fibre, compared to 2,088 in the previous 12 months.

A search of the ingredients being used found in the last 12 months found a dominant role for wheat fibre (417), oat fibre (410), vegetable fibre (239), chicory fibre (143), psyllium husk fibre (128) and pea fibre (124).

An analysis of the key positioning of new products containing fibre, found a high number of products making a whole grain claim (438). Marketing campaigns for products containing whole grain are on the rise and The Whole Grains Council claims, for example, that the Whole Grains stamp now appears on over 3,400 products countries around the world.

There was high activity in natural (290) and additive/preservative free (429) claims, while there were 303 launches with a gluten free positioning. Unsurprisingly bakery products completely dominated the use of fibres in new product launches, with the top 5 consisting of Bread & Bread Products (250), Sweet Biscuits/Cookies (239), Cereal & Energy Bars (234), Breakfast Cereals (154) and Cakes Pastries & Sweet Goods (136).

One of the most innovative product launches in 2009 was VollerKoren from GB Plange in Holland, which was awarded with the annual Dutch Food Center prize. The artisanal bakery product contains 35% more fibre and 10% less salt than standard wholegrain bread, but maintains taste and texture.

Spokesman, Gerard Vianen, says that the company had considered all the possible fibres available, but eventually opted for wheat fibre, as it was the most affordable and readily available solution for adding a high fibre content to the product, while maintaining function. The product is already available at 1,000 artisanal bakery points in The Netherlands.

Pringles Multigrain

P&G is jumping on the fibre trend with new Pringles Multigrain – promoted as going beyond the call of duty to deliver a great tasting snack. The company says the product is holistically designed with a texture, taste and visual appeal that delivers the Pringles experience in a surprising new way. In-dough technology provides exceptional visual appeal with bits of black bean and malted barley.

Pringles Multigrain will be available at US mass, grocery, drug and dollar retailers beginning February 2010. Western Europe will introduce the product in Summer 2010. Three varieties are available: Truly Original, Cheesy Cheddar, Creamy Ranch.