Fairtrade Dairy Milk

Fairtrade-certified Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs debut in SA

Fairtrade-certified Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs are here… Following the announcement in June 2011 that South Africa’s best-loved chocolate slab “will be going Fairtrade” the new Cadbury Dairy Milk plain chocolate slabs have hit the shelves – coinciding with national Fairtrade Week.

Greg Banach, Chocolate Category Lead at Kraft Foods SA is delighted to see Cadbury Dairy Milk breaking new ground in the South African market: “We are very proud to be the first major business to achieve Fairtrade certification in this country. It demonstrates our commitment to fair practices and improved living standards for farmers and their communities,” he says. “In joining forces with Fairtrade, we can both do more together to create a sustainable supply of high quality cocoa for Cadbury Dairy Milk and continue to spread Joy to our consumers.”

Fairtrade is an organisation which aims to ensure better working and living conditions for small scale farmers and their communities through fairer prices, better labour conditions, community development and sustainability of the environment. Around 7.5 million people (farmers, workers, their families and communities) – across 60 developing countries in the developing world now benefit from the international Fairtrade system. There are also now Fairtrade markets in 23 countries, mostly in Europe and in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

In 2010 South Africans spent an estimated R 18,4 million on Fairtrade products. Global sales reached €4,36 billion – a 27% increase from 2009. Although Fairtrade has been operational in South Africa for the past two years, the agreement with Kraft Foods SA is set to increase retail sales of Fairtrade products by over eight times.

Fairtrade Cadbury launch

Boudewijn Goossens (executive director Fairtrade SA) & Greg Banach (Kraft Foods Category Leader for Chocolate) unveil the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade Bars in store.

With a national campaign scheduled to run from 14th-20th November 2011, the first Fairtrade Week in South Africa aims at increasing further consumer awareness around Fairtrade locally. The campaign’s theme – ‘Taste the Change’ – encourages everyone to learn how Fairtrade is transforming the way to do business in South Africa and Africa and how it creates positive change in farming communities and in the way consumers engage with the product.

“We are thrilled that the first Fairtrade-certified chocolate slabs are being launched during Faitrade Week and hope that this will further encourage local consumers to join the change and support the Fairtrade movement” says Fairtrade Label executive director, Boudewijn Goossens.

More than 14 million Cadbury Dairy Milk plain chocolate slabs fly off South African shelves each year – and the Fairtrade certification will ensure that these purchases have a substantial impact in the lives of the farmers who produce the cocoa used in making them.