‘Eggbrane’ functional powder shows anti-inflammatory promise

Here’s an interesting ingredient innovation using upcycled food waste…. Dutch company DEPP (Dutch Eggmembrane Protein Powder) has produced an egg membrane powder for the food and supplement industries that they claim is proven in alleviating joint stiffness and pain.

The product called “Eggbrane” is targeting application in the bakery sector, fuelled by trends in fortified foods.

A recent DEPP-funded study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed that eggshell membrane powder effectively relieves long-standing joint pain (according to self-reported pain scores).

The Eggbrane website offers this background: “Dutch Eggmembrane Protein Powder (DEPP) is a result of an international cooperation for research and development in the field of byproduct salvage. The founders of the company are mostly young entrepeneurs from different EU countries, who are operating in egg processing industry and are strongly committed to sustainable development.

“As a first step, DEPP is responsible for managing the group’s most valuable, highly effective Eggbrane product, which is an exceptionally pure eggshell membrane powder. Due to the special manufacturing process that is unique on the market,

“Eggbrane is a substantial raw material for many different industries, eg food, food supplements, pet food, cosmetics or even the pharmaceutical sectors.”

Eggbrane is produced by separating the membrane from eggshells of fresh hens’ eggs before being naturally processed down (via patented technology) into a powder. DEPP say that the powder has a neutral taste and that they plan to also explore liquid applications.


The website continues: “Eggbrane is an efficient natural-source, pure eggshell membrane powder product which is a valuable raw material for food supplement producers of different functional products.

“Eggshell membrane powder improves joint flexibility, stregthens it while reducing the pain as well. It treats rheumathic diseases like arthritis and ostheoarthritis. 

“Eggshell membrane is a completely natural product, which is more effective than the combined administration of glucosamine and chondroitin, even after a period of about 30 days.

“The raw material is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and helps joint regeneration. No side effects or contraindications have been reported. It is also gluten-free.”

Growing interest in functional ingredients

“There is increasing interest in the ingredient from the food industry,” a DEPP spokesperson told FoodNavigator.com. “It rides on the overall trend of fortifying foods, rather than taking supplements – such as pills or tablets.”

Functional foods have really come to the fore in retail as consumers target products that give them that little bit extra in terms of a healthier lifestyle. Fulfilling a consumer need is a fundamental for any product, with over 50% of this year’s “FMCG breakthrough innovations” list from Nielsen championing at least one healthier lifestyle claim compared to the 26% in last year’s list.

“This is in line with the growing trend around healthier lifestyles and being mindful about products and sustainability. We can expect to see this to continue to rise in popularity,” says Celine Grena, Nielsen Bases Europe leader.

The Eggbrane news also comes weeks after a report from R&D consultancy Oakland Innovation claimed that upcycling food waste products is an area ‘ripe for innovation’.

Source: www.pure-npd.co.uk; Eggbrane.com