Disparity by Christopher Boffoli: everyday scenes created using food and toy figures

Photographer and artist, Christopher Boffoli from Seattle, creates extraordinary and amusing miniature representations of everyday scenes using tiny model figures and foodstuffs.

Christopher, who has toured his “Disparity” collection in galleries throughout the US, says: “Coming up with an interesting image is only half the battle – a caption that will make people smile is also a big part of my work.”

“I have always been interested in size disparity and a juxtaposition of scales between people and things ever since I owned a tiny model train world as a kid,” he says. “There is in some part a god-like feeling to having command of an entire world, which you can rearrange at any capricious whim.”

Each scene is meticulously planned before painstakingly being assembled in his home studio – sometimes taking hours to complete. The food has to be cut and arranged before the figures can be placed on them using either a clear adhesive such as agave nectar or by piercing holes with a toothpick and placing the mini people’s feet into them.

“They won’t be happy to hear about this down at the henhouse.”

Boffoli Hotdog
“Gary always uses too much mustard but no one can say anything. It’s a union thing”

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