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DairyBelle UHT milk: now in FSC carton packs

Major dairy manufacturer, DairyBelle has taken a new step to community and environmental stewardship with its newly-launched Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified aseptic UHT milk carton packs from SIG Combibloc Obeikan. [Click pic to enlarge]

“As one of the leading dairy manufacturers in South Africa to launch FSC-certified aseptic UHT Milk carton packs, DairyBelle will lead the way in encouraging a more environmentally-conscious approach from both consumers and industry peers,” says a SIG spokesman.

“The FSC labels on the one-litre packs is a credible confirmation that the carton packs were manufactured using only wood fibres that can be traced to responsibly-managed forests according to the highest international standards and certified in accordance with the FSC guidelines, or other controlled sources.”

“Health and nutrition of consumers has always been a priority for DairyBelle. But in addition to overall wellness, the environment is fast becoming a key concern for most consumers. Discerning shoppers are now conscious of their food purchases and the impact packaging has on the environment. Packaging plays an important role especially when addressing topics like recycling, sustainability and resource efficiency,” says Kim Bryden, senior marketing manager at DairyBelle.

“As a socially-responsible company, we place a great deal of importance on understanding the impact of our products on the environment and proactively try to find solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.

“The move to re-launching our UHT milk products in FSC certified carton packs from SIG Combibloc is one way in which we aim to care for the environment. We chose to be affiliated with FSC and SIG Combibloc; because the organisation is credible and committed to ensuring the material used to package our long-life UHT milk was renewable and could be traced back to its source.

“The logo on our packs guarantees this and our consumers can rest assured when they buy our long-life milk, they also contribute towards a better and more sustainable environment.”

The new DairyBelle UHT cartons hit the shelves this month, and will be supported via in-store media and highlighted on all web and social media platforms to increase awareness of this initiative from DairyBelle and FSC.

About FSC

The FSC is an international, independent, non-profit organisation that works to promote responsible forest management. The council was founded in 1993 following the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and draws its membership from environmental organisations and development associations, trade unions and representatives from the forestry industry. Its objective is to promote world-wide responsibility and exemplary use of forest resources. For this purpose, the FSC issues certificates for wood and wood products originating from socially and environmentally-responsible forestry. The organisation has drawn up a rigorous checklist consisting of ten mandatory principles and 56 criteria. Compliance with these principles and criteria is checked on an ongoing basis by independent certification organisations.

SIG Combibloc was the first beverage carton manufacturer to be certified for a continuous chain of custody (CoC) in accordance with the criteria of the FSC at all its production sites world-wide. This certification now allows SIG Combibloc to offer its customers across the globe aseptic carton packs that are permitted to bear the label ‘FSC Mix’.