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Crushpak: global winner from New Zealand

Kiwi company, EverEdge IP, reports it is finding international success licensing plastic packaging technology to Danone, the world’s biggest yoghurt maker, for its innovative CrushPak packaging concept which allows consumers to squeeze product straight into their mouths.

The company, which specialises in commercialising intellectual property, says it has signed its fourth contract with Danone, which will see its CrushPak launched in Argentina and Canada, following earlier launches in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

EverEdge IP chief executive Paul Adams says Danone would be shipping 500 million units annually of the New Zealand-developed packaging by the end of this year.

What is the CrushPak?

CrushPak is a revolutionary squeeze pack that enables consumers to enjoy their favourite foods on the go, without a utensil and without mess.

Sauces, yoghurts, condiments, desserts, enhancers, ice creams, jellies, pudding or pastes – any viscous product – can be delivered to the market in a convenient, easy to use pack that builds brands and adds value.

CrushPak’s innovative accordion-like design uses up to 25% less material than identical volume conventional packs.

CrushPak requires no special processing equipment – it can be manufactured on existing form-fill-seal or pre-form lines, using industry standard materials, at equivalent or even faster cycle times.

Launched in 2009 in the United States by Dannon, the American arm of the French dairy giant, CrushPak has become a runaway success – boosting sales and capturing market share. Dannon awarded CrushPak its coveted Innovation of the Year award for 2010.

According to its webite, EverEdge IP entered into negotiations to license patented CrushPak technology to major manufacturers in South Africa back in April 2009. [Seemingly to no effect. Ed]

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