Grand Constance

Clive’s Column August 2011


Here’s a tale worth telling! In 2004, a piece of glass bearing the words ‘Constantia Wyn’ was found washed up on a beach in the Lower Delaware Bay, off the US coast. Research revealed the origin of the glass to be from a ship, The Severn, which sank in those waters in 1774.

Jean Naudé, general manager at Groot Constantia, was invited to a formal ceremony at which certificate signed by the Secretary of State of Delaware, Harriet Smith Windsor, was presented to him. This discovery inspired historians and craftsmen to reconstruct the original bottle with its off-centre dimpled side and classic appearance. And so it came about that Grand Constance is bottled in a faithful replica antique bottle manufactured by Consol Glass and embossed with the emblem Constantia Wyn. Bottles are individually packed in wooden boxes that include an information sheet about the Delaware story.


ShapeAdcock Ingram’s Shape positions itself squarely in the meal replacement category, intended for women who want to lose weight and simultaneously stay healthy. Historically the product was featured in a tin format, which has now been replaced with a fresh-looking polypropylene bottle manufactured by Maxistar.

Using Durban-based On Line Advertising’s designs, Tadbik SA prints the PVC sleeve in a combination of offset and gravure printing on its Goebel press. The new pack is now attractive and offers great appetite appeal.


Heinz ChickenHere’s something new! We’ve all had shredded tuna in a can but one of my packaging scouts suggested that I look out for Heinz Shredded Chicken in a can. Sometimes the best ideas are also the most obvious.

Multi-tasking mums and people on the go have long recognised the convenience of keeping tinned tuna handy at the office or in the pantry at home. Now there’s another way to feed a ravenous family – pull-back the easy-tear tab and put together a delicious nutritious meal of Heinz Shredded Chicken in minutes. Imported from Thailand, there are several flavours from which to make your selection – Lemon Mayo, Sweet Chilli, Water & Sea Salt, Smoked, and Tomato & Onion – for sandwiches, adding to salads, on top of pizzas or, like me, straight from the can.


Simonsvlei LifestyleSimonsvlei’s Chenin Blanc Lifestyle PET wine bottles set a new benchmark for clarity! The Georgian Green Claret multi-layered PET wine bottle, from Mpact (formerly Mondi Plastics), symbolises everything stakeholders in the packaging revolution are screaming for – cost effectiveness, two-year shelf life, lightweight, energy-saving during manufacture and through the distribution chain, fillable on existing equipment, recyclable, minimum breakages, fitness for purpose outdoors or indoors and, to top it all, sophisticated good looks!

I’ve heard repeated references from manufacturers about carbon footprints that border on greenwashing, but this Georgian Green Claret bottle tiptoes through the environmental variables! Paarl Print prints the labels using designs from Farr van der Vlist Design, while Nampak Closures supplies matching decorated metal closures.

First published in PACKAGiNG & Print Media, August 2011.

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Clive GloverAfter many years in FMCG sales and marketing, and later in packaging as marketing manager of Kohler Plastics and then Kohler Flexibles, Clive formed his own packaging consulting company in 2000. He also started writing articles for various packaging magazines, and purchased his first digital camera to support his articles. Two weeks later was given his first professional photography assignment – and the rest is history.

Clive is now first-choice photographer for many FMCG and packaging companies as he has the valuable knack of working digital magic in the specialised area of pack photograpy.

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