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Can’t boil an egg? Help has arrived!

For those with even the most basic grasp of gastronomy, boiling an egg is the simplest of culinary callings. But if you are “too busy, or too stupid” to get the perfect yolk, a pre-cooked soft-boiled egg which only needs boiling water added is about to hit UK supermarket shelves.

The Dippy Egg – a single pasteurised egg that is pre-cooked in its shell – simply has to be removed from its plastic bag, put back in its pot and have boiling water poured on it, before replacing the lid and leaving it for five minutes.

The egg can then be eaten from the lid, which doubles as an egg cup.

And its makers, Pork Farms, say that even if it is left in boiling water for more than five minutes, the yolk will not set.

Mark Hodson from Pork Farms told trade magazine The Grocer: “We’re looking at innovation in traditional markets and want to reinvent them with disruptive innovation”.

The Dippy Egg also means people can now take an egg to work for lunch as only a kettle is needed. Pork Farms have not yet announced how much they will charge for the product. Launch set for September,

The innovation, acknowledged by some commentators as being of some convenience, has mostly elicited some scathing and sarcastic commentary in the UK media:

MSN UK: “Are you completely useless in the kitchen? Do you love over-engineered solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist? If so, you may well think your world is about to get a whole heap better. That’s right – stand by for the launch of the ‘Dippy Egg’…. Longer than the traditional method of making an egg, but don’t let that count against it. The egg can be eaten off the lid supplied, so no mess, no fuss, just a really soul-destroying way to making something simple a little more complicated and a little less fun. Who’s behind this wonder-method? Pork Farms. Which ought to set off a few alarms since eggs come from chickens, not pigs.”

The Telegraph: “Dippy Egg, the perfect snack for a joyless modern diet”

The Guardian: “Something as simple as boiling an egg is a basic part of being a functioning human. If you can’t do that what else don’t you have time for? Putting your coat on? Brushing your hair? Going to the toilet?”

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