Cadbury UK launches Dairy Milk Bliss chocolate-based beauty products

In a leap of brand extension, Cadbury UK is set to test the willpower of Britain’s dieters by tempting them with pampering products which smell like three new flavours of its Dairy Milk Bliss bar.

The confectionery giant has teamed up with beauty brand, Anatomicals, to make truffle bath creme, hazelnut exfoliating wash and toffee body butter – the first time Cadbury has ventured into the health and beauty sector.

HoweCadbury Blissver, anybody thinking about taking their sweet tooth to the next level will only be able to get their hands on the limited edition products from either John Lewis department stores or online fashion shop, Asos.

Bliss bars hit shelves in September last year and its bathroom range is out to put its slogan as ‘the world’s most pampered chocolate bar’ to the test.

Cadbury says the venture aims to attract young females and support the luxury theme of the Bliss brand.

The bar’s television commercials depict a diva who enjoys the finer things in life and is known for saying ‘I don’t do buses, darling’ and ‘I’m soooo special’.