Dairymilk Shots

Cadbury SA debuts Dairy Milk Shots

Cadbury South Africa has introduced an exciting new Dairy Milk range extension, ideally suited to the local market.

Called Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots, the product is a chocolate ball coated in a crunchy candy shell – and said to be the first chocolate in the local market to boast a candy shell which provides a heat resistant casing preventing the chocolate from melting easily on hawker tables.

Sold in a convenient two-unit pack, Cadbury describes Shots as a great value for money treat from South Africas best-loved chocolate brand. Consumers can expect to pay 70c per unit, whilst hawkers and traders can buy an outer for R23.52, making it the first big chocolate brand to be available at such an affordable rate.

“Shots is a first for the South African market, and we are delighted to be able to make this product accessible and affordable to the large majority of our population,” says Cadbury’s Chocolate Marketing Lead, Greg Banach.

For all the premium cachet that rests in the brand, Cadbury has done admirably well in SA in making its products more affordable without lessening their quality.

Michelle Pickering, Cadbury Research, Development & Quality Director Middle East & Africa Confectionery, has said in the past that, for Cadbury, affordability is three things: quality, advantage and value; that they can’t strip out the cocoa butter to make a poor-tasting compound and hope it’s going to sell. The product needs to be great-tasting, the appropriate quality for the consumer segment and above all, offer value. It has to be a substantial treat at the price they can afford – and this is a major challenge for product developers in affordability markets.

Cadbury has taken its a cue from the book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, by the late CK Prahalad who debates how much more science, ingenuity and innovation is required to make products for the bottom of the pyramid.