Diary Milk Fairtrade

Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates a year of Fairtrade

The first Fairtrade-certified Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs appeared on local supermarket shelves in November 2011. One year on, Kraft Foods is celebrating the sale of 29.4 million slabs, which have generated a premium of US$238 000 (just under R2.1 million) for small-scale farmers and producers in West Africa.

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification is a commitment to ensure better working and living conditions for small-scale farmers and their communities through fairer prices, better labour conditions, community development and practices which encourage environmental sustainability.

“The beauty of Fairtrade is that it’s not about aid. It’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up,” says Jonathan Robinson, founder of Bean There Coffee Roastery. The company offers single origin African coffees from small-scale coffee farmers in Africa.

The premiums generated through the sale of the Cadbury chocolate slabs have been reinvested into social projects within cocoa-producing communities, including the drilling of boreholes and building of schools. Farmers have also been able to invest in other income-generating activities, like farming livestock and purchasing farming equipment.

Periodic training and education for the communities has also been undertaken. Robinson adds that the Fairtrade partnership not only ensures a good price for the small farmers, but it brings improved farming methods, which results in a greater crop yield as well.

The power to affect change is in each and every consumer’s hands. “The challenge is to shop with your heart and buy fair,” commented award-winning conservation journalist, Michelle Garforth-Venter at the media event.

Kraft-Fairtrade anniversary“By doing this they are contributing to the empowerment and sustainability of small-scale farmers,” says Tamsin Darroch (left), Kraft Foods senior brand manager of chocolate slabs.

“Cadbury Diary Milk’s first anniversary of Fairtrade certification is a momentous milestone not only for South Africa’s confectionery industry, but for the cocoa producers of West Africa,” comments Arianna Baldo, Fairtrade Label South Africa business manager.

“We congratulate Cadbury Dairy Milk for being instrumental in the development of a Fairtrade market in South Africa through their commitment to sourcing Fairtrade cocoa; and in so doing demonstrating to local businesses and consumers how we can make Africa more equal and sustainable,” she adds.